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Medical Gases

We provide a full line of medical gases including:

  • Oxygen, USP

  • Nitrogen, NF

  • Air, USP

  • Nitrous Oxide, USP

  • Lung Diffusion Mixtures

  • Blood Gases

  • Specialty Mixes

We've expanded our services to include medical gas certification! Call us today for information about installing and certifying safe, reliable medical gas systems.

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The Dräger Interlock® XT


The Dräger Interlock XT is a highly reliable breath alcohol measuring instrument that can prevent a vehicle from being started if the driver’s breath alcohol concentration is higher than a preset limit. The Interlock XT is one of the most proven devices on the market, offers the greatest possible convenience for the user, and sets the standard for ease of use with alcohol interlock devices.

With one of the fastest warm-up times in the industry and a simple blow-suck breath pattern, the Interlock XT makes the experience of using an alcohol interlock device as easy as possible.

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